Innovative and effective method of exposing your business, service or item for sale using interactive

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We have transformed chaotic corkboard ads and business card placement, to an organized, digital, high-exposure opportunity.


Our offer a wide range of capabilities and features, such as...

  • Manage Your
    Own Ad
    You control the content!
  • Upload & Activate in Minutes
    Your ad can be uploaded and active in minutes.
  • Email & Text Capabilities
    Interested customers can immediately receive your information by text or email.
  • Multiple Location Availability
    Choose the locations where you want to expose your business, service or item for sale. We continue to add host locations.
  • No Advertising Contracts
    You are never locked into long-term contracts
  • Interactive Capabilities
    offer a fully interactive experience for your potential customer.

What is the Value

Our, uniquely innovative, are designed in a dynamic style to draw attention to your advertisement. Potential customers love to interact with the screen, select the vendors of interest to them and receive the information you wish to share, INSTANTLY!

  • Uniquely Innovative

    Our BiziBoards™ transform chaotic bulletin boards to well-organized, attention-demanding, high-exposure advertising opportunities.

  • Fully Responsive

    BiziBoards™ offer a fully responsive and interactive experience for the customer, with access to your information in addition to a large digital display

  • "Sticky" Effect

    If the customers like your deal, product or service they simply click and get a text or email of your information to keep.

  • Dynamic

    You can update, change or modify your ad whenever you want and as many times as you want at no cost.

  • Hate commitments?

    ...we do too. Sign up for a week, a month or a year and in any available locations. There are no long-term commitments and you can cancel anytime.




Simply upload your ad and contact information, define your choice of locations and your ad can be immediately live in high traffic venues, providing you with a tremendous exposure advertising opportunity.

  • Auto Playlist
    Your large, high-definition advertisement will be displayed and run on the continuously running playlist updating automatically.

  • Advertiser Buttons
    Once the screen is engaged, a page displaying the advertisers appears and the customer can choose the advertiser of interest to them by a simple touch of the screen.
  • Proprietary Page
    Once your ad is selected, the screen will display your proprietary page where your large ad and contact information will be displayed in detail.
  • Grab Your Customer!
    Your contact, business, product, service or item for sale information can be sent to your customer immediately via text, email or by image capture.

Pricing Table

We offer tremendous exposure, value and interactive capability and an extraordinary low cost





  • 1 Location
  • Email or SMS Included
  • Multiple Locations Available





  • 1 Location
  • Email or SMS Included
  • Multiple Locations Available




/6 Months

  • 1 Location
  • Email or SMS Included
  • Multiple Locations Available


No matter what product or service you are offering, will provide you the exposure and results you are seeking.


Pete's Delli

We love BiziBoards as they provide us the ability to offer last minute deals to our customers. During lunch we can offer specials and meal bundles that drive traffic. This is an excellent system for us.


Sandy Cheeks

I offer babysitting service after school. I was able to find someone interested right in my neighborhood in less than a week. This is awesome and cost me virtually nothing. I love it.

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